IO-GATE SET 4G, CAT 4, WW with 4 IO-Link Ports incl. accessories

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IO-GATE is powerful, capable, and packed with interfaces you need to bring your IIoT project to the next level. It functions like a powerful PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and with its onboard edge services, IO-GATE enhances your productivity, ensuring that no matter where you are, it delivers sensor data and executes the tasks you require through its edge services using AWS IoT Core.

Multi-sensor Interfaces
4 IO-Link ports, Ethernet for IO-Link master or IP cameras and 4 digital I/O.

High Speed Wireless Internet
LTE/4G and optional 5G available e.g. for video streaming.

Camera Integration
Plug your IP camera and start taking pictures or videos.

The IO-GATE comes with a device management solution which enables the user to keep track of everything needed to operate the IO-GATE at full scale in the field. It also allows users to download apps to run their own applications. We are proud to AWS IoT core.

Industrial housing for the most rugged environments
The IO-GATE provides protection is of course protected from total dust ingress with IP65. 

4G version with TelitCinterion's powerful LE910C4-WWX cellular module from the LE910Cx ThreadX series.

Optional: 5G version with TelitCinterion's cutting edge FN980M cellular module.
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What is included
The IO-GATE Pilot Kit includes the EdgeManager, one temperature sensor, one antenna, one alarm Lamp, one global connectivity SIM and one power supply. That is all you need!


  • 4 IO-Link Ports (M12)
  • 4 Digital Inputs (4 pins of the M12 connector)
  • 4 Digital Outputs (4 pins of the M12 connector)
  • Ethernet Port (M12)
  • 2 SMA for Cellular and 1 SMA GNSS
  • 9 Status LEDs


  • CE / RED
  • FCC/PTCRB (tbc)
  • EMEA
  • Worldwide (tbc)

Full spec sheet found here

The delivered device is not CE certified and is still in the final test phase. The use of the IO gate should therefore not take place in productive environments. The device must not be used in environments with safety requirements. The device must not be operated for long periods without physical control. All data should be backed up regularly at short intervals and the device should be checked for external damage and correct operation. Round Solutions accepts no liability for damage caused by operation.